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Buying the right gear and equipment to support your passion is not an expense, it is an investment that can drastically change the way you think and feel about it. A photograph is worth a thousand words. Likewise, an extraordinary capture of glorious animals can inspire for a lifetime.

If you love to capture animals in movement, like a lion going in for the kill or a snake attacking a wild mouse, this is the camera for you! Its rapid burst feature gives you the freedom to capture quick movements within a short time frame.

You will be able to shoot any object from a distance thanks to the infrared light that can reach up to lengths of 40 feet. Resembling the look of a stone, this concealable camera will not get noticed by any of your photography objects allowing you to observe all sorts of animals with your camera as a window.


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If you are a fun loving person who enjoys spending free time in exhilarating activities like hunting, then we have got the perfect companion for you! Its chameleon-like camouflaging exterior that makes it usable in any background, its detection circuit that senses a moving object within a distance of 50 feet and its high speed recovery time that beats the recovery time of many top 10 trail cameras are some of the titillating plus points.

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Trail Camera is the best trail camera under 150 dollars. Top quality videos with a 720P resolution are one of the numerous features of this wonderful camera. Another plus point is its wide range shot which has the capability of shooting a 55 degree vista which is more than enough when your subject is wildlife. If you prefer prowling through the night to capture animals, then the infrared flash option will automatically detect your target, illuminate it with a red glow flash and then capture it.

It has an ability to detect animals even before you see it, owing to its 100 feet infrared range. This is an elite member of top 10 best trail camera list. So now you are not alone anymore for your future hunting trips. Come grab your digital hunting companion!


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Photographs are a way of reliving and transporting yourself back to that instance when you captured a picture. It is a way of remembering little things for a long time.

Now you can relive every moment of your hunting expeditions or bird watching trips with this awesome equipment that entered the ranks of the top 10 best trail cameras, the Browning Trail Camera-Dark Ops.

You can capture any range of subjects with the invisible flash feature of this splendid piece of equipment; your objects won’t even know that they are the hero of your wildlife shot. Its high-speed trigger time of roughly 0.67 seconds coupled with its 10MP photo quality; your photos will be the star of all wildlife conventions.

The power consumption during the day is very less, allowing you to freely capture you night-time shots without the worry of your battery going dead.Its splendid casing that camouflages increases the possibility of capturing your object before it is aware of the camera or is startled.

With a huge memory, this camera can remember all the wonderful moments even after you forget it. And you know what the best part is? It fits in with the rest of the trees. Are you curious to know how? Then read on!


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Relive the adventure with the Covert special Ops Code black. Feel the reality of all your subjects with crisp and clear photos and videos that will jump to life in front of your eyes.

Capture objects as far as 60 feet with invisible flash lights that don’t startle your photo targets. The 12 mega pixel resolution takes amazing and pixel-clear shots of game and animals without being detected or noticed.

Photography takes a slice out of time allowing you to hold it still. The impressive 60-feet flash range with imperceptible LED lights won’t startle your object. This wonderful gadget allows you to take a slice of your wonderful hunting expeditions in black and white or color.

However, this is not restricted only for that, you can even use it as your security guard by applying it for surveillance purposes. If you want to hit two birds with one stone, this is the perfect camera for you.


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Your weather resistant photographer is here! Freeze the moment of the breathtaking sights you see. A proud lion, an agile deer or even a gazing zebra, capture the grace and sophistication of every encounter you have in your wildlife escapades.

You can even leave it camouflaged and hidden to document the daily activities of a glorious ambush of tigers or maybe a tiny nest of eagles.

You don’t have to worry about unclear night photos or pixelated videos; it is built for photos at any time of the day. Its fast trigger speed allows you to capture the flutter of magnificent wings or the attack of the black mamba. The long life battery will not die out in the middle of an important shoot. It’s reliable and hassle-free.

Not only that, if you are a newbie in the wildlife photograph industry, it will be really easy to figure out the knick and knacks of this splendid equipment with the help of its user friendly manual. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss a moment; freeze all the glory into one snapshot!


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Embrace the magnificence of the great outdoors and the elegance of its inhabitants. With a detection range of nearly 50 feet, this could be your best buddy if you are a die-hard bird lover and take pleasure in capturing the gracious birds in flight or carrying out their majestic activities all through the day.

The Primos Truth Cam 35 comes equipped with infrared LEDs that transforms into your nocturnal spy that captures breathtaking black and white image of subjects with even better quality if they are still. Its trigger is very sensitive not missing a single target.

With detection range of 50 feet and a nocturnal extended range of 40 feet doesn’t miss a target within this range of length. Don’t give up the chance to relish every hundredth of a second without you even being there.

Take your full time spy the next time you go on a gaming trip. You won’t miss a beat with the Primos Truth Cam by your side.


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If hunting or wildlife photography is your passion, then this will fan the flames of your thirst to capture wildlife in a shot that surpasses all boundaries of time. Don’t miss a single chance as you carry this advanced technology in the pocket of your jacket or trouser.

Capture wonderful photos in the speed of an attacking cobra snake, yes you will be able to capture even the most agile of movements.

The amazingly quick one-second trigger speed will pick up the tiniest of motions.Tag the time and date of all your valuable wildlife gazing snapshot to recall every minute detail.

Not only that, if you are a GIF buff, now you can bring your pictures to life by compiling it into a short segment that resembles a video, thanks to the burst mode that allows captures of up to five photos.


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If you are the kind of person that takes pleasure in adventurous outdoor activities, or you like documenting the little creatures that visit your backyard adjacent to the woods at night, here is the answer to all your requests. As the saying goes, never judge anything by its size. Likewise, don’t judge this camera by its size. Although its small, it’s full of innovative features and packs a creative punch.

Additionally, you wouldn’t have to worry about the battery dying out on any of your middle of the night photography sessions because it has an extraordinary battery life. Not only that, the invisible infrared flash will not distract your game promising you the possibility of a precise shot of your target.

Even if you are not around, this camera’s high speed detectors will trigger a capture of any animal or game, due to its increased sensitivity to movement. These benefits just scrape the top of the barrel. There are more to read, so enter and be enchanted!


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Include this advanced technology gadget into your wildlife photography gear. Whether you wish to take time-lapse captures, HD Videos or energetic photos of your object, here’s your cost-effective option.

Calling all wildlife fanatics and game hunters. This camera is a wonderful companion for your photographic adventures because of its ability to endure the extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Amazing features like the Multi zone, retina low-light and Matrix feature allow the camera to have a rotatory capture option, clear and precise nocturnal shots of objects and sharp images without blurring.

Not only that, the Geo tag and data stamp inputs GPs Co-ordinates in all your pictures along with so many other valuable information like date, moon phase, temperature, etc. that will help you predict any prospective sightings.

One of the best features about this stealthy camera is it healthy battery cycle that can extend up to a year with the right choice of battery. The second best feature being the ability to password protect your hard work and noteworthy captures. Don’t give up the chance to own a prolific camera that will blow your mind with its capability.


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You don’t have to be an artist; all you have to do is set up your camera and use it to tell the story of your love for wildlife photography. If you are a wildlife photography buff and a person who loves to share your captures and footage with the rest of the world as soon as you take it, then here is the solution from heaven!

Yes, the Blusmart 12MP HD Infrared Trail Hunting Camera is one of the top 10 best trail cameras that allow you to shoot fascinating photos that are clear and sharp. Even at night time, it promises to take pictures that have clarity and show genuine magnificence. Thanks to its 42pcs IR LEDs and the infrared thermal technology that allows high quality videos and pictures to be shot.

Not only that, you can enjoy admiring your wonderful shots with your family and friends. Can this camera get any better? Yes, my friend it can! Passwords and control can be accessed from a distance of 9 meters through the wireless remote control. What are you waiting for? Grab this camera now and enjoy the hunt of a lifetime.

Trail Camera Buying Guide

  • flash options
  • detection circuit
  • video capability
  • power options
  • memory
  • camera quality
  • ad-on features
  • Our pick

There are three types of flash options available in the trail camera. The old models have incandescent flashes which are now getting outdated, the popular models have LED flashes and high performance models have infrared flashes. There are four major factors that are to be considered when choosing flash type.

A. Power Consumption:

The power consumption of the flash is a matter of concern for choosing the trail camera. The incandescent flashes are exiting the market because of their high power consumption, they are being replaced by LED flashes which consume less power. However, the infrared flash consumes the least power so users which keep battery backup on top of their priorities may choose an infrared flash.

B. Image Quality:

The image quality of incandescent flash is the best, however a similar picture is delivered by LED flash in much lesser power. Infrared flash totally lacks in image quality and gives a black and white image during night. So, if you are looking for a high quality image you should choose from either incandescent of LED flash. LED flash has both performance and efficiency.

C. Trigger Time:

The trigger time is the time taken by the flash to recover from a flash to take another image. The worst performance is by the incandescent flash that takes a significant amount of time to recharge before every flash. The LED and Infrared flashes are ready for another image immediately after the image. The best performance is from infrared flashes which taken no time recharge.

D. Spook Game:

When the LED or incandescent flash is released there is sudden brightness in the area. It not only spooks the game, it also invites other hunters and unwanted elements that can harm the camera or take your target or damage the camera. Moreover, the animals also tend to run away from the flash.

The LED flashes are the most popular these days, as it offers a longer battery life and better image quality as well. If you do not care about the battery backup and want very lively pictures then you can get a trail camera with incandescent flash.


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