APEMAN Trail Camera 12MP 1080P 2.4″ LCD Game&Hunting Camera Review

A Latest version of APEMAN trail camera with 940nm Upgraded IR LEDs Night Vision and water Resistance are now on the market. This camera impressed hunting loving people so that this camera now earn great popularity in a short period of time. This Apeman Trail camera can capture and record a game very easily because of it has an automatic switching system that automatically can change between Inferred and Regular color image mode depending on day or night situation.

Features and Specifications

The following are the most outstanding features and specifications of APEMAN Trail Camera Camera(new version):

Picture and Video Quality:

 This Hunting camera can take decent high quality 12 MP images and Full HD 1080P video with superb sound quality. This camera can capture maximum 9 images in each detection time with multi-shot modes. At night time, This camera can detect of wild game during night time.

Water Resistant:

This camera has great value because of its water protective capability. This game camera is an IP66 certified waterproof so this camera can be survive in dropping, dusty and rainy situation. This hunting camera is covered in a weatherproof plastic case that promised to increase solid protection and lasts longer throughout the session. This camera has perfect operational capability in critical environments like desert or rain forest area. This trail camera super easy to deploy in any area with mounting strap and threaded tripod.

Fast Trigger Speed:

This camera has decent fast trigger of less less than 0.5 seconds. So this trigger helps to detect and captured the animal movement very accurately and quickly.Long trigger distance enables to cast up to 20 meters, so nothing to miss any sensation moment of passing animal using this camera.

Upgraded IR Black LEDs Night Vision:

This camera loaded with full automatized IR filter. This camera can shoot wild game’s natural movements, with the help of infrared flash illumination technology with black 26 LEDs. Both trigger distance and IR flash range are 65ft. This camera can secretly capture and record each and every movement of an animal in night situation.

Versatile Features:

This camera is one of the best versatile cameras for its incredible features. This camera has a time stamp features included with Moon Phase/ Pressure/ Temperature, Timer, Live Replay, Hybrid mode, Interval Recording. This camera has 2.4 inch LCD display to over look the captured images and recorded videos. The durable 8AA batteries ensured longer battery life. This camera equipped with Passive Infrared Sensor.


This camera more compact and sturdy comparing other camera in the market. This camera extremely light in weight. Its weight near about 1.43 pounds. So anyone can carry anywhere and can easily install any desired sophisticated area to monitor, surveillance or scouting the game.

User Friendly and Low Power consumption:

 Setting up the APEMAN trail camera (New Version) is so easy that any nerd hunter can easily set up the camera. This camera comes with a detailed user manual guide and instructional booklet.  This detailed user manual guide and instructional booklet can help to learn anyone how to master all settings and features easily. This camera has an energy efficient operating system included in standby mode that's why this camera can extend its operational time up to 180 days.


The advantages are

  • Fast Trigger Speed
  • Automatic IR Filter
  • 12 MP Crystal Clear Image Capering Capability
  • 1080P video Recording with Clear Sound
  • Upgrading IR LEDs Night Vision 
  •  IP66 Spray Water Protected Design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Very User Friendly
  • Better 2.4 inch LCD Display
  • Black 26 LEDs
  • Better Zooming Experience


The disadvantages are

  • Only supports 32GB MMC
  • memory card not included
  • Password lockout option
  • batteries not included
  • Distorted images in rainy situation


This camera has many applications which will surely fulfil your expectations. As a This camera consumer, APEMAN service team professionally provides 24 hours round a clock after sales service to ensure a seamless buying experience. This camera can be used as home and office security, wildlife monitoring, surveillance the properties and scouting the game. I highly recommend this APEMAN Trail Camera 12MP 1080P 2.4" LCD Game & Hunting Camera for great features and price value!  

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