Browning Spec Ops XR Trail Camera Review

If hunting and scouting is considered then Browning is the best brand to support these needs and this Browning Spec Ops XR Review will tell you the reasons behind that. Browning Spec Ops XR is one of the very few cameras that are trusted when it comes to serious hunting and scouting missions.So We have written Spec Ops XR Review for you.

The camera has everything that it takes to be the best in the market and it keeps proving itself as a great trail camera over and over again in customer minds. Our Browning Spec Ops review will start with the features and then there will be pros, cons, FAQ followed by the final verdict.

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Features of Browning Spec Ops XR

The camera is full of interesting and important features needed for a game camera. Let’s have a look at some of the features in details.

Image Capability

This is a high tech camera with great capability in terms of image and video capturing. The camera is able to record HD videos along with sound. This is a rear feature that you will find in game cameras. The camera takes clear images no matter whether it is a day or night. The 8MP camera resolution works fine with or without the night vision.


Being one of the fastest shooter, the camera can capture image within 0.67 seconds as it is the trigger time. You can also set a delay feature in the mode if you want which is programmable from 5 seconds up to 60 minutes. This is enough if you want to capture a very special image.


The camera doesn’t come with pre-installed battery but the battery life will make you forget that part. This camera needs 8 AA size batteries to run and you can take up to 10,000 images with these 8 batteries. The best part is the external power option which will allow you to setup a 12 volt DC power with the main camera. Make sure that you do not fall into the trick of 10,000 images though. As the camera also offers HD video, you will not be able to take 10,000 images if you also take videos with this camera.

Product Benefits

Let’s have a look at the benefits that this product offers:

  • 70 feet detection range
  • 50 feet of flash range
  • HD video and sound recording option
  • Extra storage and battery support
  • 1 year warranty

The Negative Things

Every camera has a few negative aspects in them. Let’s list the ones that this camera has:

  • Heavy weight
  • Video doesn’t come out fine without natural light


A common question that people ask is whether the camera is silent or not and the answer is positive. The camera is ultra quiet and your subject will never be notified that you are taking pictures. Another common question is that whether the night flash will frighten the animals and the answer is no. The flash cannot be seen in naked eye and therefore, the animals will not understand that a camera is targeted. Some people ask whether the camera will last in super hot or super cold weather and again, the answer is positive. The build quality of this camera is good enough to make it last in all weathers around the globe.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a quality trail camera at a standard price then this should be your prime choice. This camera possibly has the best high tech features among all the game cameras that current market has. People who bought this camera in last few years had great feedback and you can bank on them.

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