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If you are someone who loves to snap more images and do not want to worry about techie errors like black screens, Cuddeback Ambush is the perfect option for you to go for. A good product always meets or exceeds customer satisfaction and this product is certainly one of them. Cuddeback itself is a leader when it comes to game camera and Ambush IR shows again that why the company is the first choice of many customers when it comes to this niche. Before choosing this camera, read our cuddeback ambush ir review to know everything about the camera. Our cuddeback ambush ir review will start with the features and the feature will be followed by the pros, cons & final verdict.

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The Features of Cuddeback Ambush IR
Cuddeback Ambush IR is one of those few cameras that offer great service being within the limits of a game camera. The features are standard compared to other came cameras that you find around. Most of the features are designed in a way so that the camera appeals a bigger market. If you are looking for something very niche then the camera might not appeal you but if it is the other way around, you will love the features that it offers.

Image Capability

No matter whether you are using this camera in daylight or at night, it will stick to 5.0 Mega pixels which is a standard capability. The camera produces quality 5.0 MP black and white images without daylight. The trigger speed of this camera is ¼ second and the centered subject technology helps you to keep focus. The trigger speed is so fast that it can easily capture a deer running at a speed of 20 feet per second. This is better than the standard triggering speed of current market.

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If you are interested in taking videos then this camera might excite you as it offers 20 second video per shot to capture animal motions in action. 20 second might not sound a huge number for a regular camera but it is a standard timeframe when we consider game cameras.


The camera has 120mb of internal memory which may not sound that much when you are in jungle taking photos of wild animals. That is why, you have an option to move up to 23 GB as this camera accepts external memory card. Cuddeback Ambush IR needs 8 AA (double A) size batteries to run and it lasts for around six months or up to 10 thousands of images.

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Product Benefits

Here is a list of benefits that this camera will offer you:

  • A powerful 27 LED flash
  • Great battery life
  • 25 Feet of range
  • Supporting memory up to 23 GB
  • Great triggering speed
  • Quality picture under daylight

The Negative Things

Now let’s have a look at the negative aspects of this camera:

  • The images might appear blur at times
  • The lens makes noise at night which may frighten animals
  • Internal memory is too low
  • This is an old model

Final Verdict

The camera offers standard quality service in most cases but there are better ones out in the market. The price is not low and there are faults that are hard to ignore at times. Being said these; there are benefits too which are appealing if you are into game cameras. Though there are options which you might want to check around the market, this is not a bad camera to go for according to our Cuddeback ambush IR review.

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