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Moultrie A7i is a camera full of features at a great price. This is a hunting camera that offers premium quality features at a price that is irresistible. Generally, game cameras that offer so many features are priced a bit higher than regular ones butMoultrie A-7i Trail Camera, Camouflage Trail Camera completely changed the style. Being a comparatively new company in the market, Moultrie was able to gather interest and associations from customers with their products which are proved by this model too. The Moultrie a7i review will start with the features and then will be followed up with pros, cons, FAQs and final verdict.

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Features of Moultrie A-7i

As said before, this model is full of features that you may need in most of the scenarios. Let’s discuss some of the important features in this section.

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Pictures taken with Moultrie will always have a certain standard. The 7 MP is resolution doesn’t seem a lot but there are a lot more things involved into taking a quality image than just mega pixels. The camera has a trigger speed of 1.5 second which is reasonable too. Overall, the resolution is not out of the world but a standard one. You can also take videos with the 7MP camera at a resolution of 640X480.


Flashing is a tricky topic as most game cameras do not have a perfect flash system. Well, this camera has an invisible flash which will make sure that the animals do not understand that you are taking their images. The flash is one of the key selling points of this camera. You can easily spot an animal within 50 feet range at night with the help of this powerful LED flash.


Like most other game cameras, Moultrie A 7i also uses 8 double A size batteries to run. The batteries will last up to six month or 16,000 images. Obviously, the duration will go low if you also record video with this camera. Overall, the battery quality is standard and reasonable.

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Product Benefits

Features are obviously not the only benefits you receive from this game camera. Let’s list some other benefits that you will receive from Moultrie A-7i Trail Camera, Camouflage

  • 40 Feet Detection Range
  • 50 Feet Flash Range
  • Rugged look
  • Invisible 940 NM LED Flash

The Negative Things

No product is out of issues and that is why you need to know the problems of this camera too. Let’s list the problems or issues in this section:

  • No temperature protection
  • Triggering speed is lower than other cameras


A common question that most people have with hunting cameras is that whether the camera is waterproof or not. Unfortunately, this camera is not waterproof which means that you won’t be able to use this camera while it is raining or snowing. Another query is that whether the camera is noiseless or not. The answer is positive. You can easily take images of animals without letting them know with the help of this noise-free technology. Also, you might want to know that whether the flash is visible or not. As the camera provides huge importance on flash technology, you can be unworried as the camera won’t let the animals know at night that you are stocking them. This is one of the many reasons that why people go for this camera.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a good camera to go for. The camera doesn’t offer a few important features like temperature and quick triggering but it also offers some that are very important including the noise free flash technology. If you are looking for a budget game camera, you can easily go with this one.

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