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Moultrie M-550 is one of the coolest entry level cameras that a photo hunter can get. The camera offers great recovery and trigger speed with budget price that satisfies most people. If you are new into game camera or are interested to go for a rough one, this is a good option to choose. The Moultrie M550 Review will help you to figure out whether the camera is appropriate for you or not.

Features of Moultrie M-550 Game Camera

Being a standard camera, Moultrie M-550 offers great features to the users. As said before, the camera is an entry level one and it has features of a basic trail camera. Being a great brand, Moultrie made sure that they provide something extra and that is when they came out with some brilliant features for this camera.

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Great Detection

One of the great features of Moultrie M-550 is quality detection. Though the detection range is 50feet which is the standard one, the camera allows you to detect and take quality snaps as the recovery time is only 5.4 seconds. There is a fast trigger mode which will allow you to take photos within 1.12 seconds of any motion. The view is wide (42 degree) so the chance is low that you will miss your object.

Image Quality

The camera has 7 mega pixel sensors which do not only take snaps but also records VGA video of 640 X 480 pixels. Image quality is not out of the world but good. Photos that are taken at night might seem blurry at times if the lighting is too bad. The camera will automatically add information such as date, time, moon phase and etc. with every image that you take.


The camera is designed in a way so that the newcomers use it to learn and professionals give it a rough use. This is why the battery of this camera is amazing. You can easily take around 17,500 images with one set of battery. The camera needs 8 double A sized batteries to run and you should change them in every six months. You can also use Li-ion batteries so that you can recharge and reuse them again and again. The camera also allows external 12 volt DC supply and you can use a solar panel to charge the batteries in crucial times.

Moultrie M550 Review: Product Benefits

Mentioned features are only a part of the benefits that you will receive from this product. Here are some other benefits this camera offers:

  • 50 feet flash range
  • Super easy to use
  • Locking feature with 5 digit code
  • Great price
  • Great battery life
Moultrie M550 Review: The Negative Things

As no product is out of error, let’s look at the negative issues of this product:

  • Bad for night capturing
  • Slow motion trigger


People often ask that whether this camera can take images with timer even if there is no motion in the screen and the answer is positive. If you want to take an image of a still animal or even nature then just set a timer and you will be able to do so. If you have a question in your mind that whether this camera will allow you to take picture in rain or snowfall then the answer is positive. The case is great and it is completely weather proof.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a great entry level camera for everyone and a good rough use camera for the professionals. The camera is durable and it will give you a quality time capturing wild animals around.

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