Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 35 Trail Camera Review

With so many different cameras and brands out in the market, it is worth knowing that there is a brand that you can trust. The Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 35 Trail Camera with Early Detect Sensor is highly recommended. If hunting is your passion, this camera is your best choice. It’s very easy to operate, easy on the budget and lets you take 4-megapixel photo or record a 60-second video with audio. It features burst shooting and time lapse modes.

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Here are other features that tell us why the Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 35 Trail Camera with Early Detect Sensor comes highly recommended and why some people have given a positive primos truth cam ultra 35 review.

Small and Compact

These cameras are small enough to fit a small compartment or any pocket. It is definitely ideal for trail use. Its size does not occupy too much space in camping bags and it does not weigh much. Bringing such a camera with you on the trail or on a trek won’t slow you down. This is a great way of enjoying your outdoor activity with lesser burden. It is perfect for any hunting getaway that lets you bring a lighter tool with extraordinary power.

Amazingly quick

It features a 45-degree PIR sensor that allows you to pick up motion quickly, so you can’t miss taking a photo of even the swiftest and most elusive deer when you’re observing it. It has a one-second trigger speed. The Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 35 Trail Camera with Early Detect Sensor comes with a red glow infrared flash that consists of 35 Infrared LEDs. The flash has a 40-feet range and also features Camo LED filter technology.

Simple and easy to use

Although it is equipped with the latest and the newest technology, its design is not complicated and even non-professional photographers and inexperienced in handling a camera can capture exceptional shots with it. The sliding switches are very simple and you can easily switch from photo, video to high-definition time lapse photos. It also does not require to be setup and it can easily be managed even by youngsters because the manufacturer’s manual that comes with it is very detailed with clear instructions.

Longer use and convenience

The Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 35 Trail Camera with Early Detect Sensor is powered by 8 AA batteries. It can last up to nine months which is very ideal and convenient for researchers, observers and those who love to camp and stay outdoors for days. It does not have to be charged every now and then and the batteries are regular AA batteries which are readily available in stores. Added to this, you can save on battery costs by using rechargeable Lithium or nickel-metal hydride batteries. The batteries are not included in the camera package.

More memorable moments can be captured

The camera’s SD card slot can support up to 32GB. Aside from it being small and can easily be carried everywhere, the 45-degree PIR sensor and its 40-feet IR flash will allow users to capture more exciting, candid and funny shots that will make your outdoor adventure memorable and out of the ordinary. Photos can be tagged with time and date, burst count, moon phase, and temperature. It undoubtedly brings the most out of your outdoor adventure.

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  • Its size is small and compact and it does not weigh much
  • Battery life lasts up to nine months
  • SD card slot supports SD cards up to 32GB
  • Burst mode can take one up to five images
  • Uncomplicated slide switch control
  • Quality of pictures taken in daytime is not really that good
  • Night pictures are best only when the animal is closer to the camera
  • It costs slightly higher than competing models

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does this have a socket for an external power adapter?

Ans: YES, have a socket for an external power adapter.

Q: Whats the difference between the 35 vs 35 ultra?

Ans: 35 ultra is an upgrade version of 34.

Ans: YES, 35 ultra is more small in size with slightly much features then 35. 35 ultra has 4 MP While 35 has 3 MP camera. 35 Ultra Supports upto 32 GB external memory card. The 35 Ultra is a great gear for time lapse photography.

Final Verdict

People’s experiences are unique and what may be true to others is not necessarily true to everybody. Some people who were able to buy this product and have given primos truth cam ultra 35 review shared both positive and negative experiences with handling the camera. Some shared that it does not deliver a reliable picture quality. However, many agree that it is indeed very easy to use and has very simple controls. As far as convenience is concerned, many have given a positive primos truth cam ultra 35 review. They have agreed that with its small size, it is very convenient to have on the trail.

The Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 35 Trail Camera with Early Detect Sensor may not be the perfect trail camera but it is well designed and serves its purpose well while on the trail or outdoors. The pros by far outweighs the cons. If you are looking for a camera that is easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to power, then you don’t have to look farther, the Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 35 Trail Camera with Early Detect Sensor is the right one for you.

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