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If you are looking for a budget game camera then Stealth Cam P18 review will definitely catch your attention. The camera is designed to have quality features with a great value based pricing which attracts most people who are into game cameras. Recently, a lot of people who didn’t have game cameras went for this one and those who already had one went for it to have a quality second option. If budget is one constrain for you then you will find this Stealth Cam P18 review interesting.

Features of Stealth Cam P18

A lot of people think that being a budget game camera, Stealth Cam won’t offer quality features to its customers. Well, the stereotype mentality doesn’t work in this case as Stealth Cam P18 offers brilliant features to the consumers. Let’s discuss some of the features in this section.

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Image Quality

Stealth Cam is one of the few game cameras that use EZ dial programming technology in their camera. The 7 Mega Pixel resolutions works fine when it comes to taking snaps and videos. You can take a video up to 15 seconds with this camera and you can split that video later on to get the perfect image. The rapid fire mode will also help you to secure your chances of getting the best image. Overall, the image quality is good.

Range & Display

Where most of the game cameras do not care about their display, this camera did as it has a quality LCD display including quickset modes, time, date and other details that you might need at a point. This simple feature has made the Stealth Cam consumer friendly. The flash range of this camera is 60 feet which is standard.

Burst Mode

One great feature of this camera is the burst mode. It is kind of a rapid fire snapping mode which will allow you to take one to six images on every trigger. Roughly, each triggering will take 5 seconds and you will get 6 quality images at one click within 5 seconds. This is an interesting feature as it allows you to be on the safe side while you are capturing crucial moments.

Product Benefits

Features are not the only benefits that you get from Stealth Cam P18. Let’s have a look at some additional benefits in this section:

  • Flash range of 60 feet
  • Dial Programming
  • 7 Mega Pixel image & video
  • Quickset mode

The Negative Things

No product is free from customer complains. Let’s see what are the negative parts are about this product:

  • Average battery
  • Slight noise at the clicking point


Can you actually take infrared images at night with this camera? This is one of the most common questions that customers ask about this product and the answer is a bit tricky. You obviously can take good images at night as the camera has a good flash system but compared to the natural light, you won’t get enough quality which is a common issue in all game cameras. Another question that people ask is whether you can view the images in camera display and the answer is no. The easy SD card removal will allow you to insert the card in any laptop or computer to checkout your images. Will the camera record audio while shooting video? No, it will only record the video without audio.

Final Verdict

As you understood from our review, this is not the best camera in terms of features but then again, if you compare the price and features, it is possibly the best one that current market has. If you want to be within a budget, this is the best option for you to choose.

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