Wildgame Innovations Blade X6 Trail Camera Review

Wild Game has recently been the talk of the town in game camera industry and that is why, we had to come up with a wildgame innovations blade 6 review as it is one of the most selling Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras in today’s time. Our Wild Game Innovation Blade 6 review will start with the features of this product which will be followed by the pros, cons, FAQ and final verdict. Let’s start the review.

Features of Wild Game Innovations Blade 6 Infrared trail camera

The camera doesn’t offer tons of features but it offers quality which is missing in most game cameras. The features that you will find in this camera are actually useful and won’t just enhance the catalog. Let’s discuss some of its features in details.

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Image Quality

The Wild Game Innovation Red 6 comes with 6 mega pixel camera resolution which is backed by a wide angle ratio of 16:9. This classic ratio will help you to capture most of the scenario that you see with your own eyes. Those days are gone when you had to capture a small part of a bigger picture as this camera will allow you to capture the whole. The LED flash that this camera has is completely invisible which will make your life a lot easier while you are dealing with sensitive animals. The motion detecting feature is not the best one in this market and therefore, if you want brilliant quality detection then this might not be the right choice for you.

Battery Life

Like most other game cameras, wildgame innovations trail camera will also offer you a battery life of four to six months depending on usage. 8 double A size batteries are required to run this camera which are not included with the package. If you are going deep in the forest, you can also install external battery port which will give you additional image capturing capabilities.

Flash & Trigger Speed

This camera offers a great flash range of 50 feet and the non-detectable flash makes sure that you are always getting the perfect snap of animals. Black LED infrared flash technology was used in this camera which is the most advanced type of LED flash in current market. If you are someone who takes a lot of pictures at night, this is the camera that you always wanted.

Product Benefits

Now let’s list some of the additional benefits that this product will offer you:

  • 1 second trigger speed
  • 50 feet flash range
  • HD Video
  • Storage up to 32 GB
  • USB cable and bungee cords

The Negative Things

No product is out of issues and that is why, you should also know about the negative parts of this camera:

  • Weak motion detection
  • Triggering time is slower than other game cameras


Let’s address some of the common questions that people ask about this game camera. The first question is that whether the flash is detectable or not. This camera is famous for the non detectable flash and that is why you can easily take both snaps and videos without letting the animal know. Another question is that whether the camera makes noises while taking images and the answer is unfortunately positive. The camera will make a click noise while you are taking the picture. The noise is not loud to be a threat.


Final Verdict

This is one of the most premium cameras in current market with great flash and updated technology. If you want to go for a camera that will last long in terms of technology and durability, this is the one that you should pick.

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